We serve the law enforcement community with support both in legislative efforts at the state level and local level.  We interact throughout the state politically and as a social benevolent organization.  The outreach to the community’s of the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of our more passionate and rewarding efforts.

The Fraternal Order of Police began on May 14, 1915 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Last year we celebrated our 100th Anniversary in Pittsburgh.  We are the oldest and most recognized law enforcement organization in existence today.  Every year we have proven that our voice matters in each state legislative session and on Capital Hill.  It is the mission of the Fraternal Order to protect our professionals from senseless legislation that either places them in danger or restricts them from protecting the neighborhoods they patrol.

The Fraternal Order of Police is also a benevolent organization that cares for the families of our law enforcement community and those who share struggles of the profession.  We make every effort to reach out and partner with others who share in our concerns and partner with community leaders and business leaders to make our Commonwealth the best environment for our families to grow.

If you have any questions about membership and if you qualify to be a member, please contact us through the Membership page to find out more.  Or if you want to simply contact the State Lodge click here for our contact details.

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