The Fraternal Order of Police of Virginia welcomes you to the Charitable Foundation page. Our Foundation is a ‘501 (c) 3’ organization. It is recognized by the IRS as an organization that can accept donations which are tax deductible for the donor. The funds raised by our Foundation are used […]

Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary

FRATERNAL ORDER OF POLICE AUXILIARY VIRGINIA STATE LODGE 2018-2020 PRESIDENT Gale Stiles – ROUND2ITGS@AOL.COM IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Bonnie Stinson – vafop@aol.com or vafopgal@aol.com VICE PRESIDENT Michele Twiford – Mctwi1@yahoo.com SECRETARY Brandy Stiles – Brndewyne79@gmail.com TREASURER Rebecca (Becky) Edwards – vrybsymom2@comcast.net 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Florence Votava – flovot@earthlink.net SGT-AT- ARMS Angela Theisen – Angelatheisen12@yahoo.com

Associate Lodge Information

Virginia FOPA Executive Board 2018 – 2020 FOPA STATE PRESIDENT Marcie Blum – marcieblum@yahoo.com FOPA PAST PRESIDENT Kenneth ‘Bear’ Bright – ibebear@aol.com FOPA 1st VICE PRESIDENT Sherry Lemnah – sherrybayb1@yahoo.com FOPA 2nd VICE PRESIDENT Shelli Hunter – shellivb@hotmail.com FOPA STATE SECRETARY Gerry Lemnah – glemnah@yahoo.com FOPA STATE TREASURER Karen Smith – […]


Lodge 1 Old Dominion – Roanoke – Facebook Lodge 2 John Marshall – Richmond – Facebook Lodge 3 Commodore Lodge – Norfolk – norfolkfop3.com Lodge 4 Henrico Lodge – Richmond – www.henricofop4.com Lodge 5 Thompson Hall Lodge – Charlottesville – www.charlottesvillefop5.com Lodge 8 Virginia Beach Lodge – Virginia Beach – […]

VA FOP History

VIRGINIA STATE LODGE 1954-Present On July 25, 1953 the Grand Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police met with members of Old Dominion Lodge #1, Roanoke: John Marshall Lodge #2 Richmond and Commodore Lodge #3 Norfolk for the express purpose of VIRGINIA STATE LODGE chartering the Virginia State Lodge Fraternal Order of […]