Scholarship Application and Instructions – Due April 30, 2020

Guidelines for the FOP of Virginia Scholarship

The applicant is not eligible to receive this award in two successive years. The applicant must be either a graduating high school senior or presently in a college or university. The applicant must be a direct dependent​ of the FOP member​. A direct dependent is defined as living in the same household and being​ financially dependent on the member.

The member’s lodge must be a part of the FOP of Virginia and in good standing with both the State Lodge and Grand Lodge.

In order to be considered for an award, the applicant must be preparing to attend an accredited​ college or university or currently enrolled in one.

All applications must be legible and filled out completely.

A letter from your local lodge President​ regarding the FOP members’ standing in the lodge at least one year​ must be attached to the completed application. Letter must be on local lodge stationary. Letter should also state the member’s activities​ in the lodge, offices held, committee assignments,

A photocopy of the Current Membership Card must be attached.

All Scholarship checks will be made payable to the applicant and to the College or University.

Applications must be received at the FOP State Lodge office no later than the close of business, on April 30, 2020​. Any applications received after that date, will not be considered.